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Tips to “Topstitching” Like A Professional


When you want to edit your denim clothes, consider the Topstitching. This is one of the popular techniques but difficult to master. A new sewist must complete the "Topstitching" challenge to become an expert sewist. To create a good quality stitch, you should prepare an easy to use sewing machine for beginners to get good results.


Do topstitching using a beginner sewing machine


You should also learn about your sewing machine to know how it works. With Topstitching, you will bring a professional look to your sewing project even if you are a new sewist. And if you're having trouble with this technique, we have some useful tips for you. Let’s go!


Pay attention to the Needle and Thread:

When you apply Topstitching, the quality will be determined by the needle and the thread that you are using. For example, if your sewing project is a jeans, thick yellow thread or colors that can contrast perfectly with jean will be the perfect choice for you. The threads used in this project must be thick enough that you can easily add texture and design to denim clothes and help it have a solid look.

You also need to use needles that are compatible with thick threads. Use needles with big eyes. With this type of needle, you can easily thread the thick thread through it. When sewing denim clothes with simple sewing machines for beginners, the needle can be easily passed through the fabric and the threads will be fixed on denim to ensure durability for the project.


Don’t forget the Thread Tails:

To bring a professional look to your sewing project, you must blend stitches with the fabric you will use. The best way to mix stitches with denim fabric is that you have to pull the thread from the wrong side of the fabric. If you do this from the right side of the clothes, mixing will be difficult later.

Top stitch on a home sewing machine


If you have to fix some positions at topstitching, select the area you want and drag only from the wrong side of the clothes. After that, you will stitch from the end and connect them together firmly. At this time, stitches will be mixed and your project will be easier.


Yes, you need to take a look at Presser Foot Leveling:

I have another interesting way to help your stitches fit, it's Presser Foot Leveling. When the seam on your clothes is still incomplete and the lines are not fixed, you must check Presser Foot in your sewing machine for home use.

Before starting any sewing project, you must check this Presser Foot because it is an important step in preparation. When you see a mistake, try to move Presser Foot according to the needs of your sewing project. Presser Foot Leveling brings the uniformity of your stitches.

Want to find which is the best sewing machine for home use? Visit CraftsSelection to read the latest home sewing machine reviews and comparisons.


To sum up:

Topstitching is always a great technique and it is useful in many cases. If you are passionate about sewing, you need to know this technique. Have a good day!

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